Similarities and differences Essay

Is not That Easy Format You May Think

When you have a task of writing similarities and differences essay or in other words compare and contrast essay, you guess that you have a cakewalk and can cope with it without problem. It is always the case and you may encounter a lot of problems while wiriting this type of essay.

It is true that in our everyday life we get into compare and contrast activities like comparing prices, people, ideas to make right decisions. That’s why similarities and differences essay seems to be the easiest tasks you can enjoy.

Compare and contrast writing is a great tool to inexperienced students who want to develop analytical skills, an eye for detail and writing skills. One has to be very careful to details and find similarities of objects or phenomena under analysis within compare essay activity and differences when dealing with contrast part of the paper. It seems as easy as ABC, however when you get complicated processes or phenomena which are unrelated for analysis, the task becomes a real challenge.

Before starting your compare and contrast essay writing, consider all the details about objects, phenomena or events under analysis. It is good to start with brainstorming ideas and putting them down. Whatever comes into your mind, may turn into a great research idea to be developed in the paper. When you have some vision of what direction to move in your research, you can start collecting information. This means finding appropriate sources and delving into incessant reading. After reading on the essay topic, you can start with making a thesis statement which will define the structure and contents of thee paper. This can be point-by-point structure is easier to understandable by the reader. However, one may choose to analyze objects simultaneously, concentrating on specific points of both objects and describing them one by one. It is a confusing structure but sometimes it is preferred by an author.

Thus similarities and differences essay has its own peculiarities and one needs to know some issues to complete an exceptionable essay. Here are some tips to help you in writing:

  • have good knowledge in the subject matter described;
  • be careful to details and have good analytical skills to see similarities and differences when they are not evident.
  • have good writing skills allowing to make a clear-cut dividing line between similarities and differences.

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